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Technologically Advanced

AOI automated optical inspection equipment used.

Flexible Production

Small and large production runs considered.

Attention to Detail

A family firm that's been established for decades.

We Offer Many Other Services at Diatron Assembly Systems Ltd

Along with our PCB manufacturing and assembly services, we have a wealth of knowledge to share with many other aspects of electronic components, board productions and inspection work. If your business is looking for a reliable service provider in any aspect of electronics today, then feel free to get in contact with us.

Inspection & Rework

Our Inspection and Rework Service is Second-to-None

As a family-run firm, our reworking and inspection work is carried out to a high standard because we take so much pride in what we do. Our Ersa IR550 reworking system, for example, allows us to remove, refit or rework a huge number of surface mount components with the professionalism your company deserves.

Inspection Tools That Make for a Truly Reliable Service

We have the equipment that is necessary to ensure all of our PCB work is thoroughly inspected for defects and quality issues before it is shipped. Some of these processes are automated to a high standard but our team also performs inspection work using dynoscopic equipment, too, where it is an appropriate course of action.

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Our Testing Services

Professional Testing Delivered By Industry Experts

As a reliable firm, we take testing seriously at Diatron Assembly Systems Ltd. This is part of our manufacturing process that you can expect to be carried out to a high standard. Alternatively, contact us if you have a specific issue where our testing expertise could be of help.

Assemblies and PCBs Tested

Whether you have a finished assembly or just want us to verify the functionality of a PCB is in good order, we can help.

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Procurement and Part Sourcing

Global Coverage For Procuring All Types of Electronic Parts

Here at Diatron Assembly Systems Ltd, we have over three decades of experience sourcing parts for the assemblies we produce and the PCBs we manufacture. Therefore, if you are seeking a specific part or a number of parts that you cannot lay your hands on, then our procurement division is on hand to help. Thanks to our network which spans the globe, we can track down individual parts and entire kits.

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Our Shipping Service

Direct Shipping Throughout the UK and Overseas

Whether you need us to send your finished goods to you directly or you would like us to ship them to your client, we can help. Our shipping team has many years of experience handling potentially delicate items like scientific PCB assemblies or instruments so place your trust in us to ensure your order(s) arrive in top condition.

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