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Technologically Advanced

AOI automated optical inspection equipment used.

Flexible Production

Small and large production runs considered.

Attention to Detail

A family firm that's been established for decades.

Trust Us With All of Your Box Assembly Requirements

As an experienced firm with PCB assembly work, we can fit your assemblies into boxed units of various sizes so they’re ready to use. Ideal for scientific and medical applications, our in-house team of professionals can turn your fully tested PCBs into finished products with robust external protection and internal cable harnessing and wiring looms, were needed.

Small Box Builds

Our Small Box Build Services Are Second-to-None

Here at Diatron Assembly Systems Ltd, we can fit your PCBs into small boxes that will be ideal for portable units. Our precision assembly skills mean we are the ideal choice for all types of equipment where a smaller unit will be preferable. All of the small boxes we produce are manufactured to the latest electrical safety standards as you should expect.

Expertise in All Types of Small Box Builds

As a manufacturing company that has been putting together small box builds at volume for years, we can cope with all specifications and customer preferences. Why not speak to us to find out how we can help?

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Instrument Assembly Services

Instrument Assemblies Delivered By Industrial Experts

During our assembly processes for a wide range of instruments, we make use of precision electro-optical systems – such as infrared transmissions, for instance – to help maintain standards. This means we can make precise adjustments during assembly. What’s more, we are able to adhere to any cleanliness standards that might need to be met.

Turn to Diatron Assembly Services For All Your Instrument Assembly Needs

As an ISO9001 company, we are highly customer focussed when it comes to instrument assembly work. Not only do we deliver on time but we work to impeccably high standards at our cutting-edge production facility.

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