Our Cable Assembly Services

Technologically Advanced

AOI automated optical inspection equipment used.

Flexible Production

Small and large production runs considered.

Attention to Detail

A family firm that's been established for decades.

First-Rate Cable Assemblies From Industry Specialists

As a specialist firm working with PCB assembly and production, our cable assemblies are put together at just as high a quality. Our cabling preparation machines mean we are able to offer exceptionally wide-ranging services with modern cable assembly.

Wiring Looms

Diatron Assembly System’s Wiring Looms

We have been involved in the production of wiring looms and the components that go into them for years. If you are looking for a supplier with the relevant expertise to guide you with your wiring loom requirements and would like to enjoy some competitive pricing, then look no further than Diatron Assembly Systems Ltd.

Experts in Wiring Loom Production for All Commercial Requirements

Whether you need a wiring loom for a consumer electronic product, a medical instrument or an industrial machine, you can rely on our industrial expertise to help you obtain the right loom for your specific purposes

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We Have Expertise in All Aspects of Crimping

Thanks to the specialist crimping systems we have invested in, we can offer our clients numerous options when it comes to crimping. Whether you have a preferred method or would like to try out several different termination techniques, we can help.

Professionally Delivered Crimping for Small and Large Production Runs

While we have the necessary equipment to crimp components and connections at volume, we are a small business that is agile enough to handle lower production runs, as well. We’ll even crimp by hand for prototypes where it is appropriate to do so.

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