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The History of Diatron Assembly Systems Ltd

Here at Diatron Assembly Systems Ltd, we have been operating successfully as PCB manufacturers and wiring experts since 1991. Our founder initially employed just four PCB assembly operatives and the company has steadily grown since then. From our early days, we gained a well-deserved reputation for dependability and product quality. Within three years, the business had to move to larger premises such was the success that it had enjoyed. To this day, Diatron Assembly Systems Ltd remains an expert in the field of electronic parts, assemblies and production.

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Diatron Assembly Systems Ltd in Recent Times

Since the founding of the company, we have continually reinvested in the business, its equipment and its people. With a growing number of employees, the business has also chosen to purchase laser-guided surface mount placement machines and more than one Automated Optical Inspection units to ensure fast work rates and high standards of quality control. The business now specialises in much more than PCB assembly and manufacturing including expertise in mixed technologies, cable assemblies, wiring systems and instrument assemblies, among other specialisations.

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Our Customer Reviews

Chris, Steve, and the team offer a great service; cost friendly, flexible, good quality and prompt delivery being key attributes. Would highly recommend - Great company to work with!

Since 2016, Diatron assembly systems is our trusted manufacturer for all our electronic devices, demonstrating exceptional quality in its work and careful commercial attention.

We have been working with Diatron for many years and have always received excellent service with consistent quality throughout

We have had the pleasure of working with Diatron Assembly Systems Ltd for over 15 years. We have always found them approachable and willing to react immediately and positively to any sudden change in demand. The quality and reliability of their work has never been questioned. In fact, Diatron has proven to be the perfect fit for our PCB assembly

Our Company Ethos

Despite our growth and success, Diatron Assembly Systems Ltd remains a family business with all that this entails. We have a complete focus on what we’re doing and take great pride in not only offering superb customer service but great products that our customers can rely on.

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