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We are a well-established family-run firm with a wealth of experience in electronics manufacturing.

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Technologically Advanced

AOI automated optical inspection equipment used.

Flexible Production

Small and large production runs considered.

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A family firm that's been established for decades.

About Diatron Assembly Systems Ltd

Founded in the early 1990s, Diatron Assembly Systems Ltd has grown its market share both at home and internationally in the intervening period. We make a wide range of electronic components for security systems, medical instruments, industrial devices and research tools, among others. If you have a PCB design or need our professional expertise to produce one, then feel free to contact us without delay. Equally, we can arrange for you to visit our production facility in Norwich to see our dedicated team of production professionals in action.

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Reliable Services and Products

We work to a high standard of production to ensure that all of our PCB manufacturing processes and surface mount assemblies are reliable from the moment they are ready to ship. With so much industry experience to draw upon, you can rely on us.

PCB Assembly Services

We offer Expert PCB Assembly Services From Diatron Assembly Systems Ltd, ranging from both mixed technology and conventional surface mount printed circuit board assembly services. Find out more information about this service below.

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Box Assembly Services

We can fit your assemblies into boxed units of various sizes so they’re ready to use. Our in-house team of professionals can turn your fully tested PCBs into finished products with robust external protection and internal cable harnessing and wiring looms, were needed.

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Cable Assembly Services

Our cable assemblies are put together with high quality. Our cabling preparation machines mean we are able to offer exceptionally wide-ranging services with modern cable assembly. Find out more information about this service below.

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Other Services

we have a wealth of knowledge to share with many other aspects of electronic components, board productions and inspection work. If your business is looking for a reliable service provider in any aspect of electronics today, then get in contact with us.

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Our Customer Reviews

Chris, Steve, and the team offer a great service; cost friendly, flexible, good quality and prompt delivery being key attributes. Would highly recommend - Great company to work with!

Since 2016, Diatron assembly systems is our trusted manufacturer for all our electronic devices, demonstrating exceptional quality in its work and careful commercial attention.

We have been working with Diatron for many years and have always received excellent service with consistent quality throughout

We have had the pleasure of working with Diatron Assembly Systems Ltd for over 15 years. We have always found them approachable and willing to react immediately and positively to any sudden change in demand. The quality and reliability of their work has never been questioned. In fact, Diatron has proven to be the perfect fit for our PCB assembly

A Flexible Approach

We will consider a wide range of different projects. Therefore, if you have a production run of PCBs that might run to thousands of units, we can take such work on. We also undertake one-off small box builds and everything in between.

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Quotations Offered on Request

Whether you are looking for a long-term business supplier for your electronic assemblies or just want to find out if we can beat your current supplier on price or shipping costs, then feel free to get in contact with us today.

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